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The things of nightmares do exist. Vampires, werewolves, ghosts and other creatures believed to be myths and superstitions stalk the shadows. But what few realize is that even nightmares have nightmares. Worse still, those nightmares are also real….

The Political Triad.

North Chicago is the primary domain of Al Capone, unofficial Prince of Chicago. It is the most stable of the three “zones” and is where most of Chicago’s Camarilla reside.

Cabrini-Green was once a “development project” and has now become a blight to Chicago’s perceived glory. The Anarchs have complete control of the area and, under the leadership of Maldavis, it has continued to slowly expand outside of is original borders.

Temple of Fanum By day, the Fanum is a tour-able museum with rotating themes which covers the fact that it is actually a Garou Caeren devoted to Jupiter. Kindred are rarely permitted to enter.

Succubus Club is the second incarnation (or third, depending on viewpoint) of the infamous “anything goes” night club. It is a permanent Elysium, acknowledged by both Camarilla and Anarchs; even the local Sabbat and Garou pay grudging homage.

Orthodox Temple of Akhenaton

West Chicago is the primary domain of Ballard, official Ventrue Primogen and Capone’s rival for the throne. Several Kindred now call this area “Home” in support.

The Blue Velvet is acknowledged as Elysium to the Kindred of Chicago, but is not actually sanctioned by Capone. However, even he abides by the rules when he must step foot in there.

Emerate Estates is a prolific giant in the business world, representing the vast majority of Fortune 500 companies and other large international businesses. If rumors are true, it is also home to several large cabals of Mages. Kindred are forbidden to enter.

South Chicago is the primary domain of the Sabbat and is under the control of Bishop XXX.

Hyde Park contains The Sept of the Wind Catchers, another Sept of Garou, which claim the University of Chicago as their sacred Cairn and is believed by the Kindred to have been forced under the control of the Sabbat. Kindred are forbidden to enter.

Other Influences

Gary, Indiana is the primary domain of Prince Modius, long-time rival of ex-Prince Lodin, and if rumors are true, Gary was the launching point of the Sabbat take-over of South Chicago.

Schaumburg-Arlighton Heights is the primary domain of Prince Edward, although he appears to have little power of his own and was believed to be a proxy-Prince of Lodin. It is also rumored to be heavily influenced by Mages.

Aurora is the domain of Prince Aldrich but rumors imply that the city has actually fallen to the Garou and that he may have turned his eyes to Chicago.

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