Chicago's Final Nights

Witness Accounts
History Is Written by The Survivors

In 1999, the world of the Prodigals went out with a bang. The Oblivion had already consumed the majority of the Shadowlands, turning it into The Great Tempest, and by now it was taking over the Deep Umbra and Far Dreaming. It had even managed to break into the Physical Realm creating something the mystics called “The Red Eye,” a bright red star that shone in the sky, day and night, never moving, yet seen from anywhere across the globe. If the Prodigal scholars of the time, or the eye-witness accounts of the survivors for that matter, were to be believed, the gaze of Oblivion’s Red Eye fell upon the Antediluvians, stirring them from their slumber.

What follows are first hand reports found in the Chicago-land Area detailing the lives (or unlives) of Prodigals during what they all called “The End of Times.”


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