Once, not too long ago, it was one of the Camarilla’s strongest holds. But now, it has become a much more dangerous playground. The Sabbat control South Chicago, and the area known as Cabrini-Green is a DMZ controlled by the Anarchs and is expanding. The rest of Chicagoland is split in half, with Capone taking control of the North and Ballard taking the West.
The Camarilla has minimalized its support of the city, choosing instead to focus its efforts on the ongoing (losing) war with the Sabbat on the East Coast. The Conclave has declared that Chicago will get no assistance until it cleans itself up again by performing three actions: eradicate the Anarchs, Retake control of South Chicago from the Sabbat and (most likely the most difficult task) unite under one Prince.
As if that wasn’t enough, rumors abound that at least two Methuselah stalk the shadows of Chicago. If the rumors are true, and they have indeed awakened, then Anarchs, Sabbat and internal politicking are the least of Chicago’s problems….

If a Kindred wishes to survive in Chicago, there are some basic rules she must learn quick:
1. The Traditions are heavily enforced.
2. Lodin’s Laws are still forcibly honored (despite his Final Death)
3. Honor the Rules of Elysium.
4. ALWAYS know who’s territory you are in.

Welcome to Chicago’s Final Nights, the End of Times is Now…

Chicago's Final Nights