The First Tradition
Honor One Another’s Domain.

Upon entering the City, you have 24 hours to announce yourself to the acting Prince.
Upon entering an Elysium you must immediately announce yourself to the Keeper of Elysium or the acting representative.
Upon entering a Regional Domain, you must immediately announce yourself to the Keeper of the Region or the acting representative.

The Second Tradition
Thy Domain is Thine Own Concern.

Because the domain of Chicago is much larger than the city proper, the area contains several smaller domains commonly referred to as regions. It is the responsibility of the Keeper of the Region to ensure and enforce any and all laws within that region.

The Third Tradition
Thou Shall Only Sire Another With Permission From Thine Elder.

Traditionally, if a Kindred in good standing with her Primogen wishes to create a new Progeny, the Sire and the Childe-to-be must gain the backing of her Primogen and the three must be given acceptance from the Prince. If the Prince agrees, then the Childe is Embraced in front of the Prince and then is fed a small amount of the Prince’s blood.
If the Prince decides against the Embracing, the potential Sire must destroy the human in front of the Prince.
If the Prince decides against the Embrace and the Sire does so anyway, or if the Sire Embraces a Childe without attempting to gain acceptance from the Prince, both Sire and Fledgling may be charged by the Prince with Final Death.

NOTE: Staunch supporters of Ballard may choose to acknowledge him as Prince in this instance. If they do, however, they cannot permit their Fledglings to enter North Chicago until AFTER they have been released as Capone will consider this a “breaking” of the Tradition otherwise.

The Fourth Tradition
Those Thou Creates Are Thine Own Children

Fledglings are the responsibility and property of the one that Embraced them. Until they are officially released as Neonates, any good the Fledgling has done is accredited to the Sire instead. However, any wrong actions by the Fledgling is punishable to the Sire as well.

The Fifth Tradition
Thou Shall Not Reveal Thy True Nature to Those Not of the Blood

Otherwise known as the Law of the Masquerade, this Law is actually considered the Golden, Unbreakable Law and is punishable with Final Death. While, technically, it refers to ANY non-Vampire, because of the Treaty of Chicago, the werewolves of Chicago are usually considered excluded from this Law.

The Sixth Tradition
Thou Art Forbidden to Destroy Another of Thy Kind.

To the Kindred of Chicago, this Law carries several amendments.

First, with majority support from the Primogen, the Prince may declare Final Death as a punishment for heinous crimes:
1) Breaking of the Traditions (as interpreted herein)
2) Supporting or being a member of the Sabbat
3) Acting is a decisive fashion to undermine the goals of the Camarilla
4) Diablorie

Second, it is by the Council’s decree that the destruction of known Sabbat members is mandatory. (However diablorizing them is still against the Law)

Third, a Sire will not be punished for terminating her Fledgling.


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