Orthodox Temple of Akhenaton

Public Information

The Temple of Akhenaton is a monument dedicated to Ancient Egypt and has a permanent display of Egyptian culture and mythology. Every day at 11:32 am, visitors can watch the re-enactment of the Service to Illiatha behind a glass wall.

See the well preserved mummy of Illiatha for yourself!
Questions are always welcomed and personal tours can be made by appointment.
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General Location: North Chicago
Address: 2551 N Halsted Street, Chicago, IL, 60614
Relative Location: North of Cabrini-Green and South of the Fanum

Hours: M-F 10am to 4pm, Sat 8am to 4pm, Sun Closed

Prodigal Information

It is known amongst the local Kindred that Lodin spent a lot of personal time here, although the reason is unknown. His protection of the Temple even made him declare it an Elysium although few Kindred ever have reason to enter it.
Another mystery of the Temple is the fact that the employees always seem to know if you are a vampire. Rumors abound as to the true purpose of the Temple. Some say it is a secret Garou Caraen while others attribute the place to the Magi. Either way, the place gives most Kindred the shivers.

Orthodox Temple of Akhenaton

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