Lodin's Laws

Although Prince Lodin met Final Death over six years ago, his Laws still remain in effect and are supported my the vast majority of Chicago’s Kindred.

Lodin’s First Law

None in my city shall kill and leave behind evidence of their feasting. If your slaying causes an investigation among the Police, or worse among the Press, then I shall track you down and extinguish you – or if other speak for you, exile you. You must lick all wounds and dispose of all you kill. I hold the Fifth Tradition in strong regard and do not take such violations of the Masquerade lightly.

Lodin’s Second Law

Do not harm the travelers to this city, for its wealth is based upon its status as a center of commerce and travel. You may feed from such, but do not leave any evidence of your feast. You should not test me on this, for these people are the basis of the wealth in my realm.

Lodin’s Third Law

Have nothing to do with those among the Press. They are to be strictly ignored. They are my Domain. Neither are you to enslave or manipulate the police of this city. They are of my Domain as well.

Lodin’s Fourth Law

Keep the sanctity of Elysium, for that is our place of rest and recreation. No act of violence or struggle shall be tolerated therein. You may attend my court there, as all in my city are free to do, but you must not carry your conflicts into the sanctity of its grounds.

Lodin’s Fifth Law

Do not hold commerce with my enemies or those that seek to usurp my rightful authority. I shall repay treachery with treachery, rebellion with iron might. Let me caution you, I know all that happens within my realm. Do not think you can keep secrets from me.

Lodin's Laws

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