Elysium is neutral ground for Kindred within Camarilla cities. It is typically chosen by the local Prince in areas of artistic or intellectual worth, such as theaters and museums, though nightclubs and even a Kindred’s haven may suffice.
The majority of Elysium share four rules in common:

1. Violence is not allowed, and individuals are expected to keep tempers in check.
2. No art is to be destroyed, on pain of Final Death. This reinforces the notion that Elysium should be in places of culture.
3. Elysium is neutral ground. While this provides opportunity for both neonates and Elders to breathe a little easier, what happens in Elysium can easily lead to reprecussions off ground.
4. Remember the Masquerade at all times. Even in the gathering places of the Kindred, they must be mindful of mortals that may be around.

Permanent Elysiums

Succubus Club


Chicago's Final Nights Towrit