Chicago Anarchs

The Cabrini-Green Anarchs started out as a simple but determined voice within Chicago’s Kindred. They did not like the Camarilla’s way of control via manipulation and under cutting each other. They believed the city would prosper even more if all the Kindred just put their cards on the table and worked as a whole.
Obviously, that idea did not stand well with the Conclave and their “silly notions” were ignored or out-right mocked, and so they resorted to “picketing” the actions of the more powerful Kindred.
Inspired by the concepts of the Anarch Free States of the West Coast, they continued to try social avenues to get what they want. When, then-Prince, Lodin declared them “rebels and anarchs” they became even further shunned for their ideals.
Then they decided to adapt some of the more agressive pages from the Sabbat playbook and established themselves firmly in the Cabrini-Green projects, influencing the humans who lived in squalor to stake personal interest in their homes. Lodin then started a “rehabilitation program” targeted at the Green.
The Anarchs, backed by the downtrodden local humans, rebelled, and when Lodin was killed during the Chicago Wars, they were able to claim undisputed ownership of the area and have slowly managed to expand their turf.

Key Cabrini-Green Anarchs:

The main activists within the Anarchs liken themselves to a “body of action.”
Maldavis :“The Feet” of the Anarchs; he plans their movements.
Martin : “The Soul” of the Anarchs; he reminds them of their cause.
Portia : “The Eyes” of the Anarchs; she sees what the others are doing.
Raven : “The Voice” of the Anarchs; she speaks for the cause.
Rolph : “The Ears” of the Anarchs; He hears what others are saying.
Victoria Longwood : “The Hand” of the Anarchs; she leads the strikes.

Other Cabrini-Green Anarchs

Rosa “Rose” Hernandez
Kathy Glens
Jacob Schumpeter
Bobby Weatherbottom
Alan (Gen XX Ventrue)
Aries (Gen XX XXX)
Artis (Gen XX Ventrue)
Brian (Gen XX XXX)
Jacob (Gen XX Brujah)
Josif (Gen XX XXX)
Sophine (Gen XX XXX)
The Galfing (Gen XX Malkavian)
Travis (Gen XX Toreador)

Chicago Anarchs

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